Project Structure

TraDE-OPT project is based on the idea that to efficiently solve modern data driven problems, modeling and computations must be addressed in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive framework. The composition of the network is built around this key concept: academic beneficiaries have the necessary complementary skills to theoretically address modeling and computational aspects in a joint effort, while the non academic partners bring the specific a priori knowledge on data characteristics and structure, to be inserted in the novelmodels and computational schemes.

TraDE-OPT administrative and financial coordination is ensured by UniGe, acting as the Project coordinator. The Coordinator, Silvia Villa will work in team with Lorenzo Rosasco, and the Project Manager. The main decision-making structure is the Supervisory Board (SB), interacting with the Executive Board (EB), composed by the WP leaders and chaired and supported by the project manager. The Executive Board will be responsible for the execution of the SB decisions and for the daily activities of the project. The EB deal with conflict resolution and manage risks at WP level.