General Information

Thanks to all participants: PhD students, invited speakers, PIs and instructors for making this workshop a lively, interactive and captivating event!


TraDE-OPT is a training doctoral network funded by the EU (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Innovative Training Network ITN). The first TraDE-OPT workshop, dedicated to Algorithmic and Continuous Optimization, will take place between July 4 and July 8 2022 at UCLouvain. The workshop will provide an opportunity for TraDE-OPT participants, including all PhD students, to meet in person for the first time. Besides the main scientific part, which offers presentations by invited keynote speakers and doctoral students, it will feature an algorithmic bootcamp and activities devoted to job market preparation.

Invited keynote speakers

Progress presentations

All 15 doctoral students (ESRs) from our network have confirmed their participation and will give a progress presentation at the workshop. They are Cristian Vega and Cheik Traoré (UniGe), Gabriele Scrivanti and Mouna Gharbi (CS), Rodolfo Assereto and Enis Chenchene (U-GRAZ), Flavia Chorobura and Yassine Nabou (UPB), Giovanni Bruccola and Hung Tran (SRI PAS), Yassine Kamri and Sofiane Tanji (UCLouvain) and Jonathan Chirinos Rodriguez (CAMELOT) ; also see this page.

Algorithmic bootcamp

The algorithmic bootcamp will be organized by Benoît Legat (UCLouvain), Adrien Taylor (INRIA and ENS, Paris) and Baptiste Goujaud (Ecole Polytechnique). Two topics will be covered:

CV writing, hiring processes and job interviews